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Tracey Lundell Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice North Shore Vancouver

Financial Planning North Shore Vancouver
Tracey Lundell - Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

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At Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group, we want our clients to lead extraordinary lives.  In order to make that happen, we need to truly understand our clients' goals - determine where they are today, where they want to be and build a plan together that helps to ensure they get there.  Each family is unique in its complexity.  We help determine a strategy that works best, and form comprehensive investment and wealth planning partnerships with the families we serve - often engaging a tremendous team of industry specialists so we can deliver an integrated solution covering a number of key wealth planning considerations.

With Sea Glass Wealth Advisory Group our clients are our main priority.  We achieve this by being responsive and accessible, by delivering on a customized communication strategy designed to meet our clients' expectations.  We will know we are successful when our clients say that our relationship with them provides real value - that their lives are better for trusting us with their financial well-being.  A responsibility we don't take lightly.

Our mission is to assist our clients as they navigate the complex questions in life.  For instance:

* When should I retire?  Can I retire early?

* How do I live off the equity in my house when I sell it and downsize?

* When should I sell my business?  How can I replace the income I generate through my business?

* I've been presented with a severance package - now what?  What are my pension plan options?

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